Sell more tickets for your touring event brand with our niche expertise in event advertising, consulting, and creative testing.

Services are designed exclusively for experience-based event brands hosting 50+ annual live events in North American markets. Leverage our expertise to boost your unique concepts with proven traction to sell more tickets.

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We focus exclusively on being the best at what we do. Which is advertising for event brands & helping our client partners sell the most of amount of tickets by being an execution arm and extension of the marketing team.

How our services are tailored for for companies producing high volume of events annually

Paid Ads: We maximize your reach with targeted campaigns on key platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google Search. Spending money on the wrong platforms is risky, and you need an expert who can manage campaigns across various markets (especially in the touring & ticketing business). Our focus is on mass editing tactics and leveraging insights from one market to the next.

Media Planning: Know exactly how much money will be invested, on which platforms, and at each stage of the event lifecycle. Timing is everything. Spend too early, and you risk low ticket sales; wait until the last 2-3 weeks, and you've made a big strategic mistake. You need to balance between hitting hard from the start and having enough budget for all phases of the event: early bird, in between, and closing phases.

Consulting: Expert advice tailored to your unique needs. We provide guidance on key marketing systems, setting goals, and introducing new tools to support your business. We also deliver insights from industry conferences to keep you ahead of the curve.

Ad Creative Production & Testing: We maximize your best moments and viral content with consistent, strategic efforts. Events are highly competitive and require constant testing and iteration to sell tickets. We also understand that non-artist touring entities during tour season you have a LIMITED window of time to maximize ticket sales. Ideating, executing, and optimizing based on real-time data is how we ensure consistent results.

\Our only goal is to help you fill venues across all your events whether its small, mid to large scale venues.

Client Event Results #1

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Hollywood Palladium

Los Angeles, CA

Revenue: $8,705

Spend: $1,000

ROAS: 8.7x

Client Event Results #2

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Fillmore

Denver, CO

Revenue: $40,595

Spend: $5,500

ROAS: 7.4x

Client Event Results #3

Friday, April 12, 2024
GLC Live At 20 Monroe

Grand Rapids, MA

Revenue: $8,705

Spend: $1,000

ROAS: 8.7x

Client Event Results #4

Friday, April 12, 2024

MGM Music Hall

Boston, MA

Revenue: $49,960

Spend: $3,385

ROAS: 14.8x

Client Event Results #5

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Fillmore

Miami, FL

Revenue: $30,315

Spend: $3,800

ROAS: 8x

Client Partners

Alonso has become instrumental in helping us drive faster ticket sales for R&B ONLY. Going into Year 3 working together he's been consistent about innovating, moving fast and staying organized. Our team loves working with him & look forward to having him continue servicing R&B ONLY but also help launch other brands.

Coming soon

Country brand with unique events launches in 2024!

Personalized Services

Transparent, real-time collaboration. Fast turnarounds.

There is a robust system of operations followed to enable faster ticket sales. No guarantees.

Answers to your questions

What cities can you help in?

Our track record of success spans mostly North American markets. We have sold out client events in over 56 cities both big & small.

Big Markets

Houston, TX

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Philadelphia, PA

Washington, D.C.

San Francisco, CA

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Miami, FL

Seattle, WA

Phoenix, AZ

Detroit, MI

Mid Markets

Charlotte, NC

Indianapolis, IN

Minneapolis, MN

Orlando, FL

San Diego, CA

Tampa, FL

Denver, CO

Nashville, TN

Austin, TX

Baltimore, MD

Columbus, OH

St. Louis, MO

Pittsburgh, PA

Kansas City, MO

Cleveland, OH

New Orleans, LA

Vancouver, BC

Toronto, ON

Small Markets

Memphis, TN

Columbia, SC

Cincinnati, OH

Norfolk, VA

Raleigh, NC

Louisville, KY

Grand Rapids, MI

Anaheim, CA

Riverside, CA

Chattanooga, TN

Richmond, VA

Mobile, AL

Wallingford, CT

Wilmington, DE

Salt Lake City, UT

Montclair, NJ

Little Rock, AR

Sacramento, CA

San Antonio, TX

Oklahoma City, OK

Should we be on Tik Tok?

Short answer is yes. But this offer is strictly for facebook ads because this is what works most consistently. Tik tok is great for general awareness but driving actual sales the ad technology isn't the beset and its a bigger lift overall.

How can we trust you?

We recommend you do your due diligence. Look up our social channels and digital footprint, and review the information we publish regularly. We can also refer you to past and current clients and colleagues. We are always available to answer any questions you may have. We never make unrealistic promises; our focus is on delivering transparent, consistent results. Your trust is important to us, and we are committed to earning it through our actions and track record.

Do you guarantee ROAS?

Advertising performance can be influenced by numerous factors outside our control, such as market trends, competitor actions, and changes in advertising platforms' algorithms. These variables make it impossible to predict results with certainty, and thus, guaranteeing ROAS would not be honest or feasible.

Why do you only offer advertising services?

We focus solely on advertising because it allows us to be the best at what we do. By honing our expertise in this area, we can deliver top-notch results without spreading ourselves too thin.

Our goal is to maximize your ticket sales through effective, targeted advertising strategies. We believe in the power of specialization, and by dedicating all our resources and energy to advertising, we ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

We know other aspects like SEO, social media management, and retention are important, but we choose to collaborate with experts in those fields rather than dilute our focus.

We provide consulting and resources in these areas to support our clients, but our core competency remains advertising. We’re all about delivering results, not offering a laundry list of services we can't fully master.

Do you do international markets/events?

No, we primarily focus on the North American market. However, we are currently working with a client expanding into the UK and have provided consulting services for corporate events in international markets such as Dubai and Singapore. While our core expertise is in North America, we are equipped to support clients with their international expansion efforts through strategic consulting.

What is your process for launching a new event?

For brand new event concepts we are currently in the process of launching two new brands in late 2024 and early 2025, respectively. While we don't yet have a proven process to consistently draw people to new events and experiences, we are actively working on this and will share more information as it becomes available.

This allows you to collect as many media assets as possible, which your marketing team can then use to build new promotional material. This strategic free event also serves to refine all marketing and ticketing processes, ensuring a smoother and more effective launch for future paid events.

Our track records selling close to 300,000 tickets in the past 2 years has been with clients that had been operating for over 5 years with proven traction & we were able to apply our expertise, consulting, and amplify what was working & implement faster creative testing to refine their marketing efforts.

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